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These arrived in the post today! Courtesy of Tate Publishing, who  commissioned us to design the layout and develop the visual language for a series of activity books titled ‘Meet… (the current artist exhibiting at the Tate)’.  ’Meet Matisse’ is the first in the series. We’ll be producing a new publication for each major exhibition at the Tate, working with a different illustrator each time. 

All internal illustrations by Jean-Vincent Senac.




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Along with our new website, is a brand new edition. A book of pictures put through several different image-making processes in sequence. One drawn and passed on. Abstracting the initial image and removing individual authorship. A conversation lived out on paper in colour, shape, texture and line.

Limited edition of 50 / £12 (p&p)
Riso printed by Hato Press
Cover printed at London Centre For Book Arts

Grab one here: nousvous.eu/editions

Process photos:

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New Nous Vous Website

We’re back!

We’ve just updated our website with some new things and not-so-new things. Please have a poke around, we hope you like what you see!


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ELMO is back!

In April ELMO takes up residence at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to celebrate the opening of the South Park. You will be able to create your own stool from recycled materials and coppiced wood with furniture designer Sebastian Cox.

On Saturday 12th April, Sebastian and his team will also offer a furniture repair making service, an opportunity for you to bring broken or unwanted wooden furniture to ELMO, which will then be fixed and transformed into ‘better than new’. Exact details of the ‘repair service’ on offer are included on the ELMO website.

See more information here and bring down your hands and heads and make with us.

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It’s 2 weeks to the London Marathon! My girlfriend is running and I’m raising money for her charity of choice, Sparks, with this print. Vicky had to cancel last year due to illness, but I still have some copies so i’m re-advertising here.

If you’d like to support us this time we’d be more than grateful.

It’s £15 (+ p&p) and you can buy it here


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Elmo: Programme Two: Spring / Summer 2014. Really lovely Litho / Letterpress print job from @PressisionLtd. www.pressision.co.uk

Check www.elmoworks.co.uk for upcoming free workshop fun. Next event on 5th April at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with Sebastian Cox, an amazing green-wood-working product designer. You’ll get the opportunity to make / finish your very own stool. 




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It’s old news, but we were commissioned to create a print for the launch of 'The Book of Everyone' at KK Outlet in London. Each illustrator/artists was given a fact or interesting bit of text to make visual. Here’s ours…

'As a baby you were pound for pound stronger than an ox'


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Shutter design for a vacant shop unit in Mitcham. Our first shutter, commissioned by our good buds Studio Weave.

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Come here on Saturday! There’ll be lots going on, live painting, live drawing, live talking, live drinking, live moving, live eating, live looking, live thinking, live sitting, life!

For the past seven weeks we’ve been working with some of the 2nd year BA Illustration students at Camberwell College Of Arts. We devised and delivered a brief called ‘Edition’ in collaboration with George Mellor (Sister Arrow). The brief challenged students to create an edition of ‘some-thing(s)’ that reflected their personal interests or a passion, responded to a problem they perceived or indulge productively in a process they wanted to investigate. 

We anticipated that the response to this would be of a high level. But can honestly say all have surpassed our expectations. It’s wonderful to be surprised, mystified and overwhelmed and the enthusiasm gifted to this project by the students has certainly done that. The last seven weeks have been a stimulating conversation and we’re pleased we were able to contribute and get involved in the process. 

It really is worth making a trip down to the ‘Editions’ fair if you have the time, new things, fresh things, real good things!

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Celebrate spring 2014 with us if you’re in London!

First SNBP party of 2014.
at the Victoria, Dalston, London

Saturday 29th March, 8pm - 2am - £5

Get in early for pre party hang out with free food, pottery raffle and mellow vibes.

Party times from 10pm onwards.


~ Tocantins
~ Tom Fun
~ Now Owl

Expect music, fun music, because music is fun!

Some like this:



All proceeds from this party will go to Mary Stevens Hospice in Stourbridge,http://marystevenshospice.co.uk/

There will be new SNBP merchandise available and snacks

Facebook event

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