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We’ll be flogging our flat things again at Safari Festival this weekend. See a book, touch a book and buy some books.

It’ll be fun. Jungle safari.

11am to 6pm, August 30th 2014

Protein, 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY

Safari Festival is a celebration of the new wave of alternative and art comics from the UK and beyond. Taking place over one Saturday at the end of August, the festival is an opportunity for a curated group of cartoonists and publishers to exhibit and sell their artwork, prints and, primarily, comics, and for attendees to experience the best of UK comics’ avant-garde. The artists exhibiting have been selected for their innovative, fearless, diverse approaches to making comics; approaches to cartooning that Safari intends to champion.

The festival will be free to attend, and will take place at Studio 2, the new Shoreditch gallery space of London-based creative agency, Protein. | @safarifestival |

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Wonderful new Colossal Space up today with Luke Drozd.

There have been a few ones recently as well that I haven’t sung about here so please have a look and enjoy.

#15 - Luke Drozd - 20.06.14

‘Do Artists Dream of Mid-Career Surveys?’



See photos here

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New print produced for ‘The Loop’ the children’s newspaper. Available here:

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New print available over @Colours_mayvary :

A homage to Yorkshire, Landscape and Henry Moore.

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£6 + P&P (Buy Here)
A5, Edition of 30. Riso printed at London Centre For Book Arts. 2014.

My new zine ‘Castle’, which I launched at ELCAF earlier this summer. A publication featuring minimal figurative drawings. An investigation into form, shape, character and mark-making. 


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A Watery Line
9 tracks written and recorded at The Tetley 
23.07.14 - 30.07.14

For my residency period as part of Nous Vous’ ‘A Watery Line’ exhibition I set up a makeshift recording ‘studio’ with a few instruments and a Zoom H4N recorder. The idea was to write and record music, songs and sounds with no preconceived notion of what that might be until I got there. 

I found it difficult to focus on a particular direction in the space, and just having one week felt too short to realise some of the ideas I had. But I had some fun experimenting with different recording techniques and really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something from (almost) nothing. 

The results are available to listen to in The Tetley until the 31st August, and in your home/office/street/car/prison cell via the link below until the internet is destroyed.


Nicolas P. Burrows

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Running order for tonights night tonight at the Tetley.


Running order for tonights night tonight at the Tetley.

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What is a Book? Quid, Liber? workshop with Joe Gilmore / Qubik went really well. 

More info on upcoming workshops and activities here:

We also managed to finish our improvised installation, using material in photo in previous post.

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J C / N V

We’re a few days into our ‘A Watery Line’ exhibition @The_Tetley and having a blast. Would love you to come join us if you can afford the time. We had a great day yesterday, beginning our improvised installation in the huge Atrium space. We were also joined by Sally & Peter Nencini who ran the first workshop, investigating different stitching patterns on a template designed by Peter. (see here for upcoming free workshops & booking). Next workshop: ‘What is a Book? Quid, Liber?’ with Joe Gilmore / Qubik.

Photos courtesy of our expert workshop assistant Lucy Ketchin.

Pre-installation materials for Atrium space. We’ll be getting involved in some building & making today and tomorrow.

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