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We’ve been working on a project with architecture practice Studio Weave (alongside Artlands, Dartford Council and Arts Council England), which has finally come to fruition in the form of a beautiful building sited at ‘Ecology Island’ in Dartford’s Central Park.

With woodstain and with lots of wonderful volunteers, we spent a week of the summer in a church hall in Dartford handpainting beautiful cedar timbers with William’s geometric design. This is the biggest project we’ve done to date, in terms of physical size, and an interesting new context for our work to sit in. 

Although we were familiar with the plans and the 3D projections of the huilding, it really was amazing and totally surprising to see it actually built. It’s been great to work with Je and Maria from Studio Weave, and also with Fiona who co-ordinated the whole project. Thanks to all the volunteers and especially to Kelvin and Chris. 

The building will function as a project space, housing workshops and community activities over the next three years. Have a look at the Artlands website for what’s on.

Nic and Will with Je and Maria from Studio Weave

Photos by Benedict Johnson

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